Houston Health Department

What We Do



In the past few years, the City of Houston Health Department’s Public Health Preparedness (PHP) Program has coordinated planning, communication, and outreach for emergency response to any hazard that could pose a public health threat or create a public health emergency. Our goal is to ensure a city-wide readiness level that will provide rapid, coordinated response to
major disasters of public health significance. To help ensure that the City of Houston is ready for any such emergency,


• Actively participates in national, state and local efforts of public health preparedness and emergency/disaster response, including drills and exercises.
• Offers training and presentations on public health preparedness topics, tailored to the organization’s specific needs.
• Provides Community Liaisons to help an organization meet its needs, whether it’s setting up a presentation or staffing a PHP booth at the organization’s health fair.
• Recruits and trains volunteers to assist department personnel in times of emergency.

PHP, with its community partners, is constantly evaluating the city’s readiness in each of the phases of emergency management and striving for improvement wherever possible.

Some of our recent and upcoming activities include:

o Hurricane Katrina Response - August/September 2005
o Community Emergency Medication Center Workshops for Health Department staff and local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) – ongoing
o Local health fairs - ongoing
o Statewide Hurricane Preparedness Drill - May 2006
o Interfaith Ministries Disaster Preparedness Conference – June 2006
o Pandemic Influenza Workshop – October 2006
o Pandemic Influenza Symposium – November 2006