HHD - About Us

HHD has partnered with nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and hospital district primary care clinics to enhance access to services for residents and improve the city’s health profile. Efforts include the innovative HIV testing program for the community called “Hip-Hop for HIV Awareness.” In the AIM project, HDHHS goes door-to-door in selected neighborhoods performing assessments, linking residents to services and providing immediate follow-up. Many other services are listed below and also see the helpful numbers page.

Children and Family Programs

Clinical Programs and Services
Preventive health care and treatment for selected diseases are provided at community health centers, through mobile units and community-based organizations. Services include:

Community Support
HDHHS provides a variety of community support services to the residents of Houston.

Health Statistics

Education and Health Promotion

Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Health Services
HDHHS' Environmental Health Services division provides a variety of programs and services relating to air and water pollution, occupational health and food establishments.

Human Services

Multi-Service Centers
Eleven community-based multi-service centers provide an array of services chosen to meet the needs of the surrounding community. Most multi-service centers include, among other services, child daycare, senior citizen centers, substance abuse counseling, some emergency services and family counseling.