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There is an ordinance relating to picking up fecal matter deposited by owned dogs on property which does not belong to the owner of the dog or where the owner has consent to let his/her dog defecate. The text of the ordinances is as follows:

“Section 6-24. Defecation by dogs or cats.

(a) It is the duty of each person in control of a dog or cat to promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by such dog or cat.

(b) It shall be the duty of each person in control of a dog or cat to be in possession of materials to remove feces left by a such dog or cat.

(c) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the person in control of the dog or cat is the owner of the premises, or the owner’s agent of the premises, where the dog or cat deposits feces.”

(d) Violation of this section is unlawful and any violation shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of not less than $75.00 or more than $500.00. Each act in contravention of this section is a separate offense.”

View the official version of this ordinance on the city's webpage at It will be found on the first page of the web site under "City Desk." When you open that screen, scroll down to "Code of Ordinances;" once there go to Chapter 6 of the Code and scroll down to Section 6-24.

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