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One summer can change your future

Cedric Burton-Smith Quote

Cedric Burton-Smith (17)

“This job would really help a lot. I live in a home with a lot of siblings and a single parent [..] it would help a lot because it would take a little weight off my mom’s shoulders. I can help her out […] I am also in extracurricular activities at school and this job could definitely help pay for my fees. My senior year of high school is also coming around the corner and I could really use the money. This job would mean a lot!”

Cameron Haynes Quote

Cameron Haynes (16)

“I think the biggest challenge faced by youth at my age is lack of social skills. We live in a society where communication is through email, text, and social media. I believe that customer service skills have been lost because we are not required to communicate face to face. I can help with this problem personally by communicating more with people. Given the chance, I can work on communicating effectively with my peers and the community.”

Patricio Acevedo Quote

Patricio Acevedo (19)

“Being a criminal justice major at Sam Houston State University, my career goals are to become a police officer with the Houston Police Department. Because this community has given me so much and given me the great opportunities that I have had, becoming a police officer is one great way that I am going to be able to give back by not only serving but and protecting them. It is a very respectable career with various opportunities to change people’s lives and even help those who are in need or at risk to get their lives back on track.”

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