Housing and Community Development Department

Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program - Round 2 Phase 2

Guidelines and Waivers for Hurricane Ike Round 2, Phase 2

These attached draft guidelines are posted in conformance with the Conciliation Agreement between HUD, TDHCA, TDRA, Texas Appleseed, and Texas Low Income Information Service.

The City of Houston (City), applied to the Texas General Land Office (GLO) for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery (DR) Program for Hurricane Ike Round 2, Phase 2. The GLO has awarded two contracts to the City: currently $63,076,220 for Single-Family Activities and $89,138,345 for Multifamily Activities. For program guidelines and Outreach Plans, see the following links.

Additionally the City, through HCDD, submitted 12 Waiver Requests to the GLO for review and approval. The Waiver Requests are as follows:

  • Waiver Request 1:  Allow residents of four designated areas who are currently on the Disaster Recovery Round 1 waiting list to move into the Program for possible selection without having to fill out a completely new application.
  • Waiver Request 2:  Provide Homeownership Opportunity Program (HOP) applicants the option of relocating to the Community Revitalization Areas (CRAs) and CRA Outreach Areas identified in the Planning Process, in addition to such areas as those traditionally the focus of the HOP program.
  • Waiver Request 3:  Permit Community Revitalization Areas (CRAs) and CRA Outreach Areas identified in the Planning Process to be considered High Opportunity Areas for purposes of the HOP program, and that mobility counselors present theses CRAs as options to applicants during counseling.
  • Waiver Request 4:  Provide program flexibility for homeowners such that a home may be reconstructed when there is demonstrable need that is agreed upon by the City and the applicant even when the cost to repair the home is less than the rehabilitation cap.
  • Waiver Request 5:  Permit construction by private for-profit and nonprofit developers and the Public Housing Authority within the chosen Community Revitalization Areas (CRAs) and the CRA Outreach Areas.
  • Waiver Request 6:  Permit the City to direct funds for which the City anticipates limited need, related to provision of water wells and septic systems, to provide similar services that the City of Houston is certain to need, such as water and sewage connections.
  • Waiver Request 7:  Permit the city to choose either a tri-party agreement or three separate agreements, whichever is suitable, in the administration of its single-family home repair program.
  • Waiver Request 8:  Allow the City to use damage data collected by LJA Engineering, Inc. in its original 2008 field study to be used as proof of damage related to Hurricane Ike to single-family homes, on equal footing with certain documents identified in the Guidelines.
  • Waiver Request 9:  Allow targeted outreach outside of Community Revitalization Areas (CRAs) and the CRA Outreach Areas.
  • Waiver Request 10:  Alter the Preferred Unit Sizes for homes to be rehabilitated or reconstructed under the single-family home repair component of the Program.
  • Waiver Request 11:  Raise the current multifamily rental award cap from $10,000,000 to $25,000,000.
  • Waiver Request 12:  Adoption of the income target groups identified through the Planning Study and other information rather than the income target groups identified in the Needs Assessment.
  • Waiver Request 14:  Use the target groups identified in the Planning Study, which pulled more robust local data and information than the data simply provided by the State.
  • Waiver Request 15:  Allowing the transfer of twenty (20) Round 1 Single Family Home Repair participants to the Round 2 Single Family Home Repair program.