Housing and Community Development

Home Repair Programs


The Housing and Community Development Department provides home repair assistance through two programs: (1) Community Development Block Grant Home Repair Program, and the (2) Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program. Both programs solely serve low- to moderate-income homeowners who are either elderly and/or disabled. Homeowners must qualify by meeting eligibility requirements, which differ per program. Please note, the programs are designed to only address “habitability” repairs needed to alleviate threats to the health, life, and/or safety of the homeowner.


Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Home Repair Program


Attention: Currently, the CDBG Home Repair Program is oversubscribed and the City is NOT accepting requests for assistance. Unfortunately, the need for assistance outweighs the amount of funding available. Although thousands of residents have requested and are awaiting assistance, each year only a small number of them will actually receive assistance due to the limited resources available.



The CDBG Home Repair Program is the City’s regular, annual home repair assistance program. Funded by a federal grant, the City provides repair assistance to a limited number of qualified homeowners. The repairs are classified in three, general categories:


  1. Emergency Repairs - Repairs for emergency situations that were beyond the control of homeowner (i.e., removal of gas meter because of leaks in the system, wind damage to roof covering, damage by lightening, etc.). Request for repair services MUST be received within two weeks of the event.
  2. Rehabilitation - Repairs to correct deferred maintenance items (i.e., replacement of old roof covering, foundation repair, etc.).
  3. Reconstruction - When a structure is determined to be beyond rehabilitation (very poor overall condition), the old structure is demolished and a new home is reconstructed on the site.


Disaster Recovery Home Repair Program For information regarding the Disaster Recovery Home Repair program, go to www.houstontx.gov/housing/disasterrecovery.html.