About the HR Director

For more than 16 years, Jane Cheeks has served the City of Houston leading large-scale departmental consolidations, heading numerous citywide human capital improvements and successfully overseeing multi-million dollar budgets. As the Director of the city’s Human Resources Department, Cheeks leads more than 270 HR professionals in executing human resource strategies that improve City policies, programs and processes while mitigating company risk and financial costs.

In 2011, Cheeks successfully improved the City of Houston's median HR support ratio from 1:38 to 1:117 by utilizing a matrix-driven model to transform 24 decentralized, independently-operating HR sections into a single, centralized Human Resources department.

Most noteworthy, was Cheeks’ contribution to the city in the form of a systems helpdesk. In 2013, Cheeks single-handedly founded and established the City of Houston's TPS (Troubleshooting Problems Systematically) team, which now serves as the sole-source help desk for the technological support needs of HR staff who aid 22,000+ city employees.

In HR, core beliefs in accountability, customer service and transparency help exceed the expectations of stakeholders and the community. Cheeks’ outstanding record of service echoes those same beliefs, and her innovative leadership style contributes to HR’s continued excellence.

A steadfast pledge to excellence and an unwavering commitment to public service set the stage for Cheeks’ mission to create a sustainable future, while balancing the needs of HR’s clients. Cheeks champions the forward movement of Houston, and under her guidance, the city’s Human Resources Department will create sound partnerships across the city to bolster training, staffing, fair labor practices and affordable healthcare benefits.

Meet the Executive Team

Teri-Germany Haddad

Jessica Norman, Administrative Specialist for the Human Resources Director

Jessica Norman serves as the administrative specialist for the Director of Human Resources, Jane E. Cheeks.

As a municipal employee with dual commitments to both city staff and the public, Norman liaises with constituents, the Mayor’s Office and City Council for resolution of HR matters within the city.

Norman joined the City of Houston in 2013, working alongside Jane E. Cheeks, where she managed the day-to-day administrative obligations of HR Operations. Prior to joining the City of Houston, she served as the administrative coordinator to Dr. Hari Mallidi, a heart and lung transplant surgeon for Baylor College of Medicine. Norman is committed to serving as a resource for city employees and values service to Houston citizens.

Teri-Germany Haddad

Teri Germany-Haddad, Deputy Director and Chief of HR Operations

Deputy Director Teri Germany-Haddad is an exemplary model of how hard work and perseverance can propel career advancement at the City of Houston.

Over the last two decades, Germany–Haddad’s career has ascended from a file room to a top-level executive leadership position that directly impacts the human resources needs of 22,000+ employees. Hired as an administrative aide in 1994, she has been progressively promoted to now serve as the Human Resources Deputy Director and Chief of HR Operations.

In this role, Germany-Haddad oversees a staff of about 150 employees and directs the leadership for all HR Operations sections including Client Services, Shared Services, General Relations Staffing, Employee Relations, Executive Recruiting, Employment Resources & Services and Contingent Workforce Management.

Before the consolidation of all city department HR functions in 2010, Germany-Haddad spent 17 years in Public Works and Engineering in various personnel-related roles. She served as a Human Resources supervisor before the consolidation, after which she was appointed a Client Relations manager serving Public Works and Engineering, and subsequently served as a Division Manager over General Relations Staffing, Contingent Workforce Management, Shared Services and Troubleshooting Problem Systematically.

Germany-Haddad is a Certified Public Manager and earned a certification through the International Public Management Association.

She strongly believes enhancing skills and acknowledging employees’ strengths to develop HR’s leaders of tomorrow. Her vision for HR is to innovate and modernize HR operations to achieve greater parity with industry standards.

Deputy Director Andrew Vasquez

Andrew A. Vasquez, Deputy Director of Financial and Accounting Management Division

Andrew A. Vasquez serves as the Deputy Director of Financial and Accounting Management Division for the Human Resources Department. Vasquez is responsible for overseeing the Human Resources $426 million dollar budget.

A certified public accountant, Vasquez received his degree in accounting from San Diego State University and has more than 30 years of accounting experience. Vasquez began his career in public accounting and later served in financial management roles for manufacturing and government organizations.

Vasquez has leveraged his experience with the “Big 4” (the four largest accountancy and professional services networks in the world) and his regional accounting firm experience, with multiple years of hands on general ledger accounting that have helped him to develop a unique understanding of operational issues and their impact on financial reporting.

Vasquez' public service began with City of Phoenix in Arizona and later advanced to controller for a public utility company in San Antonio, Texas. He moved from San Antonio to Houston eight years ago to begin his career with the City of Houston. Vasquez joined the Houston Airport Systems Finance Department, then progressed to Central Finance, and most recently an executive position with the Controller’s Office.

In his current role, Vasquez is responsible for upholding strong financial management and accountability, while providing timely, accurate, and reliable financial information and enhancing internal control.