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Dental Benefits

Dental imageDental wellness is an important component in your overall health. The City of Houston offers two great dental plans administered by Cigna.


Cigna Dental Care® (DHMO) Plan

The DHMO plan consists of a network of dentists that offer a comprehensive range of dental services for fixed copays. You can choose your primary-care dentist who coordinates your care and refers you to specialists.

What you want to know:

  • No dollar maximums
  • No deductibles
  • Benefits start right away with no waiting periods
  • No claim forms to file when using network dentists
  • You will select a Cigna Dental Care network general dentist to manage all of your dental health care needs who will refer you to any network specialists. (Referrals are not required for pediatric dentists for children under age 7 and orthodontists.)

Total Cigna DPPO Plan

The DPPO is a traditional plan that allows you to receive a comprehensive range of dental services from a provider of your choice anywhere in the United States.

What you want to know:

  • Freedom to visit any licensed dentist or specialist
  • No specialty referrals required
  • The plan will cover eligible dental expenses after you satisfy any applicable waiting periods and meet any deductibles
  • The plan is based on coinsurance levels that determine the percentage of costs covered by the plan for different types of services

Dental Plan Documents

Dental Rates and Comparison Chart (pdf)
Dental Provider Nomination Form (pdf)
DHMO FAQs (pdf)
DHMO Orthodontics in Progress FAQs (pdf)
DHMO Patient Charge Schedule (pdf)
DHMO Provider Directory (pdf)
DHMO Find a Dentist Flyer
DPPO Benefits Summary (pdf)
DHMO Find a Dentist Flyer
DPPO FAQs (pdf)
DPPO Orthodontics in Progress (pdf)
Summary of Benefits DHMO Cigna Dental Plan (pdf)
DPPO Provider Directory (pdf)
Find a Doctor, Dentist, or Facility at
Transition of Care FAQs (pdf)
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