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Dental Benefits

Dental imageDental wellness is an important component in your overall health. The City of Houston offers two great dental plans with Delta Dental.

Dental Plans at a Glance chart image

Dental HMO (DHMO)

DHMO plan consists of a network of dentists that offer a comprehensive range of dental services for fixed copays. You can choose your primary-care dentist who coordinates your care and refers you to specialists.

What you want to know:

  • Free preventive care visits
  • Need referrals to see dental specialists
  • No maximum limits on services
  • No deductibles
  • Must live in participating service area to enroll (Houston area counties)

Dental PPO (DPPO)

The DPPO is a traditional plan that allows you to receive a comprehensive range of dental services from a provider of your choice anywhere in the United States. You pay a percentage of charges for certain services and file a claim for reimbursement to Delta Dental.

What you want to know:

  • Free preventive care visits
  • No referral needed to see dental specialist
  • $50 individual / $150 family annual deductible
  • Maximum annual benefit

As a participant of the DPPD, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs by using a preferred dentist. If you receive care from a preferred dentist in the Delta Dental network or network of dental providers, you will receive a discount on your services and have more money in your pocket.

Example savings using a preferred dentist
Plan Usual cost 50% coinsurance
Out-of-network $875 $437.50
In-network $701 $350.50