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Wellness Campaign Tips

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Here are a few key items to help you achieve your goal of becoming a more happier and healthier you.

Win for Life Tip #1

Make the most of your FREE yearly preventive medical exam. Consider what questions you want to ask ahead of time. Write them down and take them with you. 

Win for Life Tip #2

Don’t forget your optical and oral health. These valuable exams can help keep you on track to a healthy life and count toward completing Option A: Preventive Care Activities. Be sure to complete and report them by January 31, 2019.

Win for Life Tip #3

Don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself time to complete Step 3. Some wellness engagement options can take six weeks or longer to complete.

Win for Life Tip #4

Need help finding your way? Visit the Win for Life resources, including walk-through videos, step-by-step instructions and more to help you Win for Life.

Win for Life Tip #5

Team up with your spouse to earn a bigger discount. When you and your covered spouse complete the health assessment and motivate each other to complete a wellness engagement option, you save $900 on your 2019 medical plan rate.

Win for Life Tip #6

Unite with your co-workers through Option D: Fitness Tracker (Cigna Apps and Activities.) Make group challenges and encourage each other to increase fitness activities.