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Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers

Brian JackBrian Jack was born August 10, 1979 to Eugene and Geneva Jack. At an early age, he discovered his love for music. While watching his uncle’s Zydeco band, he realized that was the style of music he wanted to play. At 13 years of age, Brian mowed lawns and recycled cans to help save for his first instrument, the guitar. For two summer vacations, he would go to his uncle’s house in LeBeau, LA for lessons. Returning to Texas after the second summer, his music career would shift into first gear. He joined his uncle’s band and performed in it for a year. As time passed, Brian found his love for the accordion. He bought one at the age of fifteen and in three months, he was playing the instrument and had his first band.

Ten years later, Brian has achieved more success than ever before. He and his band “Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers” has released four CDs with each one of them having success in the Zydeco market. Brian Jack performed in many major events like, The Original Zydeco Jam, Crosby, TX; Big Easy Festival, Sparks, NY; Plasaiance Festival, Plasaiance, LA; Ft. Lauderdale Cajun and Zydeco Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Gator by The Bay, San Diego, CA and many more. Brian has also been on television shows like Texas Justice; Swamp Bayou Road; The Travel Channel’s new fall show Road Trip; Morning news shows; and Cayenne’s Hot Wings TV and Radio Commercial. Brian has toured the west and east coast leaving everyone with sweaty shirts and big smiles of satisfaction on their faces from the great times they’ve passed.

Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers are made up of five members: Brian Jack – Lead Vocals, Accordion, and Harmonica; Ben Black – Lead Guitar; Jody Lemelle – Washboard and Back Vocals; Ray Carmouche – Bass; Jhavic Branch – Drums.