Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA)

LARA Lots and Community Gardens

I am interested in a LARA lot ...
Although the goal of LARA is to provide affordable housing on severe tax delinquent properties, LARA recognizes the value of community partnerships and thereby offers the following opportunities:

  • Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

I own a property next to a LARA owned lot and would like to purchase it.
You must meet these three (3) requirements:

  1. Your property must be touching boundary lines with the LARA lot.
  2. You must have lived in your homestead for the past three (3) years.
  3. You do not owe delinquent taxes.

If all three requirements are met, call Yvonne Cantu at 832.393.0940 or send an email to

Community Gardens
I am interested in providing quality alternatives within a LARA community. (These lots are NOT FOR SALE. They are granted for five (5 ) year leases.)