Learning and Development Center

Assessment and Analysis Services

Organizational Needs Assessment & Analysis

  • We can conduct an on-site needs assessment to evaluate skill levels, identify competencies and knowledge and/or determine individual, team and department development needs
  • We can assess contributing causes of specific organization development challenges, perform the analysis and prepare an executive summary report
  • Why choose US? We identify trends to validate probable improvement solutions that are extracted from the data analysis performed?
Survey Design & Administration
  • We can customize and administer organizational surveys on a variety of topics to analyze and understand trends important to improving people, processes and planning challenges, including employee engagement, climate/culture and training
  • We can maximize the knowledge gained from the data analysis by translating it into improvement strategies
  • Why choose US? We use a systematic approach in designing survey content to improve result outcomes
Focus Group Facilitation
  • We can provide focus group facilitation for gathering collaborative input from a group of customers, users or employees
  • Why choose US? We leverage principles of group dynamics to generate qualitative data


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