Mayor's Office

Chief Resilience Officer
Stephen Costello

Phone: 832.393.0811
Or contact
Phone: 832.393.1123
City Hall, 901 Bagby, Fourth Floor,
Houston, TX 77002

"Property owners throughout our area have become weary of flooding in the Bayou City, impatient with elected officials who offer explanations with no practical solutions, and some have and others are close to packing up and leaving our city unless we can convince them that we are going to do exponentially more than what they currently see.  To that end, I believe there must be a person who reports directly to me and has the sole responsibility of developing and implementing drainage and flooding strategies that will achieve the singular goal of mitigating the risk of flooding in our city.  This Chief Resilient Officer, or Flood Czar, will serve as the City’s focal point for integrating regional resiliency efforts in the Houston area.  He will interact with TXDOT, Harris County, the flood control district, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State of Texas, TIRZs, super neighborhoods and developers.  He will collaborate with city departments to design strategies for resiliency and will lead efforts to revise and update policies and ordinances to mitigate the risks of potential events like the flooding we experienced on April 18.  I can think of no better person for this role than Steve Costello.  Steve is a civil engineer who has worked on numerous drainage projects, he is a former City Council member with a passion for our city, and he’s someone who I believe can help us achieve our objective of reducing the risk of flooding.  Steve, thank you for agreeing to serve!"

-- Mayor Turner's 2016 State of the City Speech

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