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Special Advisor to the Mayor on Human Trafficking

Mayor Sylvester Turner
The Houston Human Trafficking website is a resource for individuals to learn about human trafficking and find out what they can do to end modern day slavery in Houston.  The website’s goal is to increase victim identification and protect our residents by raising awareness about human trafficking and facilitating partnerships with community stakeholders.

In my 26 years in the Texas Legislature, I saw a lot of progress made on this subject. I look forward to building on the current approach and expanding the efforts to solve this problem.  You are an integral part of the work we are doing and I hope you will explore all of the features this website offers.  I also welcome your input in helping us ensure that the website is accomplishing its goal.  Give your feedback now by writing us at  By working together as a community, we can end human trafficking.

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Sylvester Turner

Humanity 3072 Art Installation on Heights Boulevard Esplanade @ 17th Street
March 15 to December 15, 2016
Artist: David Graeve

This installation is a time base piece it will evolve and expand over 9 months adding around 100 new laser carved lenses every week. The images on the lenses are a cross section of humanity representing 9 different cultures. The title of this piece is "Humanity 3072", the 3072 is roughly the number of people trafficked to and in Houston during a 9 month period (the run of the installation). There is a double meaning to this piece -- it's beautiful in its composition and a pluralist representation of cultures. It speaks to the magnitude of people trafficked to our city in a nine month period.

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