Mayor's Office

Press Release




May 11, 2010 -- Mayor Annise Parker today released a $4.12 billion proposed city budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2010.  The taxpayer supported General Fund expenditure portion of the proposal is $124 million below the adopted FY 2010 budget and represents the lowest spending plan since 2008.  It is balanced without a property tax increase or the use of Pension Obligation Bonds, a form of debt that has been used to bridge budget gaps.  It includes several management efficiencies that will cut costs and save taxpayers approximately $22 million.  It does not include furloughs or mass layoffs and meets the city’s contractual obligations to the city’s three employee groups while still reducing discretionary departmental spending.


“This budget continues my commitment to fiscal discipline,” said Parker.  “It is a pay-as-you-go plan. I do not want to rely on debt to cover our everyday expenses.  The budget also requires that we restructure how we do business.  I want the most efficient and effective operation possible.  It helps our bottom line, saves taxpayer dollars and improves the delivery of city services.”




  • Projected decrease in anticipated property tax revenues of $45.1 million, a 5.06 percent decline
  • Projected increase in sales tax revenues of $13.8 million, 2.99 percent more than FY 2010


General Fund highlights:


  • No increase in the property tax rate of 63.875 cents
  • Review of all fees for service to achieve total cost of service recovery
  • Maintains the preferred 7.5 percent undesignated reserve, which protects our bond rating
  • $22 million in management efficiencies
  • $24.4 million in decreased discretionary spending
  • Two police cadet classes, which will add 140 officers, increasing the force to 5,195 officers
  • Three fire cadet classes, adding 126 new firefighters
  • Meets all contractual obligations to employee unions
  • Covers contractual increase in health benefits costs in the amount of $6.8 million
  • Continues infrastructure and maintenance programs


In presenting the proposed budget, Mayor Parker stressed that the city remains in sound financial condition.  She pledged to continue planning ahead by developing a draft budget for FY 2012 by September so the city will have a road map to be used for improvement of efficiencies and be prepared for any contingencies.  She will also continue to overhaul the pension and other post employment benefits structure.