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Mayor Annise Parker announces expansion of Electric Vehicle program

Collaboration with ECOtality, Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) will expedite EV MicroClimate™ planning and provide free private and public charging infrastructure


July 22, 2010 -- The City of Houston is collaborating with ECOtality, the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) to expand electric vehicle deployment and charging infrastructure. The expansion of the program includes creating a MicroClimate™ Plan for the City of Houston, as well as providing free residential charging stations to Houston residents who qualify for the EV Project and purchase an electric Chevrolet Volt, and up to 25 public charging stations. This builds on the City’s recent partnerships with Nissan and Reliant Energy.


 ECOtality is a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies and as part of a formal partnership with ECOtality’s EV Project, the City of Houston will assist in the introduction and expansion of electric vehicles in the Houston area.  “Houston has long been considered the energy capital of the world,” said Mayor Parker.  “With ongoing research and development of wind, solar and geothermal energy, we are on the cusp of becoming the alternative energy capital of the world.  Our growing partnerships will make it affordable and easy for Houstonians to embrace cleaner technologies.”


 Purchasers of a Chevrolet Volt who qualify for EV Project participation in Houston will receive a free home charger and credit toward the installation of the charger. The EV Project will monitor how these Volt purchasers utilize their vehicles and interface with their home charging infrastructure. “Data from Volt drivers in Houston will add another facet to The EV Project’s understanding of the interaction between electric vehicles and charging infrastructure,” said Don Karner, President of ECOtality North America and Project Manager of The EV Project.


In addition to the robust EV planning process and free residential charging stations for Houstonians, the City is expanding its commitment to public infrastructure, adding an additional 15 electric vehicle charging stations downtown, bringing the total to 25 for public use.  The City also intends to purchase 25 more electric vehicles, for a total of 40 electric ready vehicles in the City’s fleet.


 To plan for the electric cars being deployed in Houston at the end of the year, the City of Houston is partnering with ECOtality, CCI and HARC to create an EV MicroClimate™ Plan.  The Clinton Climate Initiative, a program of the non-profit William J. Clinton Foundation, works with governments and businesses around the world to create and advance solutions to the core issues contributing to climate change.


 The “EV MicroClimate™  Program,” created by ECOtality, supports jurisdictions in pre-implementation planning for the deployment of charging infrastructure.  This planning process will include working with all relevant stakeholders to create an assessment, cost projections, detailed recommendations and a comprehensive action plan to identify each step needed to convert Houston into a functioning EV Micro-Climate.


 Houston is one of 16 cities that have joined the C40 Electric Vehicle Network, a group of cities that are committed to making their cities more electric vehicle-friendly. As the delivery partner of the C40, CCI is helping the C40 Electric Vehicle Network cities, including Houston, to develop their electric vehicle strategies and convene and collaborate with key industry stakeholders to facilitate and accelerate implementation.


 “This important step is significant as it builds on the agreements Houston reached with Nissan and Reliant Energy last year and is critical to the success of electric vehicle deployment in Houston,” said Brian Yeoman, Clinton Climate Initiative City Director for Houston.