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Mayor Parker applauds bipartisan effort to save human space flight


September 30, 2010 -- Mayor Annise Parker and Council Member Mike Sullivan applauded and thanked the U.S. House of Representatives for last night’s action to preserve human space flight. By a vote of 304-118, the House approved Senate Bill 3729, a compromise measure crafted by U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas.


 “As part of a generation that was challenged to dream beyond our earthly confines, the action taken by Congress allows NASA to look further than the moon in exploring our complex Universe,” said Mayor Parker. “While we have so many to thank for their efforts, this would not have been possible without the leadership of Senator Hutchison, and U.S. Representatives Pete Olson, Gene Green, Shelia Jackson Lee, John Culberson, Ralph Hall and Al Green.  It is due to their work that local jobs have been saved and the future of NASA and our Johnson Space Center are secure.”


 The bill will extend International Space Station (ISS) operations to 2020, add an additional space shuttle flight to the two flights already scheduled before the fleet is retired in 2011 and fund development of a deep space rocket and crew capsule by 2016. In addition, the legislation authorizes $1.3 billion over the next three years for commercial spacecraft companies to begin sending cargo and astronauts to the orbiting ISS and allows NASA to develop heavy lift rockets and crew capsules suitable for deep space exploration. 


"This effort has not been about any one person, any one consultant, or any one elected official,” said Council Member Sullivan, who represents the Clear Lake area where Johnson