Mayor's Office

Press Release

Mayor Parker's Comments On Fire Union Negotiations



May 16, 2011 -- Mayor Annise Parker today released the following statement regarding ongoing negotiations with the Houston Firefighter’s Union:


“Public safety has always been my number one priority. Houston firefighter benefits are among the best in the nation. I recognize the hard work our firefighters do every day and as much as I want to give our firefighters everything they want, we simply cannot at this time due to the economic climate we are in.


The Firefighter’s Union has to agree to some permanent concessions, or cost savings, that would place firefighters in the same position as other city workers.  I don’t think that is too much to ask to keep our firefighters on the payroll protecting the public.


This is a time for shared sacrifices. I hope the union will agree to be part of the team that helps keep firefighters on the City’s payroll.”