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Mayor Annise Parker Announces New Water Conservation Task Force
Protecting Houstonís Water Supply for Decades to Come



July 13, 2012 -- Houston Mayor Annise Parker today announced the formation of a Water Conservation Task Force.  Following last year’s drought, and the mandatory water conservation measures imposed last summer, the Mayor is actively looking at long-term water supply and water conservation solutions.


“This week we’ve been enjoying more than our fair share of rainfall, but last summer was a reminder that drought is also possible,” said Mayor Parker.  “This Task Force will be forward-thinking in its approaches to addressing water conservation and water supply diversification, taking into consideration Houston’s climate, existing water supply and alternative approaches to ensuring a robust water supply for decades to come.  All innovative ideas are on the table.”


The Task Force will review water supply options and conservation measures for Houston, and may also look at other ideas to diversify the City’s water supply, including recycled water for irrigation, greywater use, rainwater harvesting and desalination among other ideas.


Though rains and cooler temperatures have marked much of Houston’s summer this year, long term predictions demonstrate it is clearly possible that Houston may experience more challenging summers in the future. While surface water storage has recently recovered from last year’s record-setting drought, the City must plan for the future and continue to encourage water customers to practice and further develop water conservation efforts.

The Task Force will develop a report which will include recommendations for best management practices and conservation goals for the City.


To learn about Houston’s current work on water conservation, the Public Works and Engineering Department website offers valuable information to encourage residents to use water wisely, which will reduce the large demand on our water system. Using water wisely not only saves water, but also reduces water bills.