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Houston Juvenile Court Judge Promotes Text-Free Driving Pledge



April 18, 2013 -- Judge David Fraga, Evening Associate Presiding Judge, has a special message for teens who visit his court: “Take the Pledge,” he says. Judge Fraga began having juvenile defendants take the pledge to not text while driving last year after returning from the 2012 Traffic Safety Initiatives Conference sponsored by the Texas Municipal Courts Eduction Center. Judge Fraga learned more about the dangers of distracted driving while attending the conference to accept an award for the Houston Municipal Courts for their efforts to improve public safety.


“I’ve seen too many films, news reports and personal tragedies involving texting and driving not to want to try to do something to change those statistics. I hope that by taking the no texting and driving pledge, juveniles will make the choice to put the phone away while driving,“ said Judge Fraga.


During the month of April, Houston Municipal Courts is celebrating Distracted Driving Month. The Text-Free Driving Pledge is just one tool used by the Court to educate teens on the dangers of distracted driving. They also share the information with their parents, along with offering other resources to encourage everyone to commit to being better drivers.


“Our entire team is involved in helping to share information about our court and public safety. Staff members from all areas are always eager to provide citizens with the information they need so they are well informed and conscientious about the results of unsafe/inappropriate moving violations,” said Judge Barbara E. Hartle, Director and Presiding Judge of the Municipal Courts Department.


Judge Fraga’s utilization of the Text Free Driving Pledge aligns with Mayor Annise Parker’s, It Can Wait program, an extension of AT&T’s national Texting and Driving - It Can Wait campaign.


"Texting while driving is dangerous, putting everyone's lives at risk. Houston drivers need to be cautious and people need to know It Can Wait until you come to a complete stop," said Mayor Parker. "This is a great example of cooperation within the City of Houston departments, and I especially thank Judge Fraga for being a great advocate for this public safety issue."


For more information about the City of Houston Municipal Courts, and for a copy of the Text-Free Driving Pledge, visit their website at