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State-of-the-Art Television Studio Opens for Business




March 14, 2014 -- HTV Houston Television emerges as a major media entity as Mayor Annise Parker cuts the ribbon on the station’s new 12,000 square foot state-of-the art facility located at Houston City Hall. The new facility will provide HTV with upgraded high definition (HD) equipment; two studios; two production control rooms; edit, graphics, audio and client suites and green screen capabilities. This project brings the entire HTV operation under one roof.


HTV is devoted to providing citizens with access to unbiased coverage of local and state government deliberations, public policy and events. The programming helps educate the public, and advances the participation of citizens in the political process.


“We are proud of the consistent and reliable City programming which citizens can watch live on HTV or access at their leisure on our website,” said Mayor Annise Parker. “In fact, we are gearing up for our live HTV broadcast of the State of the City on April 3, 2014. You can’t do that without great equipment and a professional production team. Having HTV in City Hall has been a long time coming, and a bonus as we continue to carry premium government programming.”


In addition to City Council meetings, committee meetings and special events, HTV continues its 25-year legacy of comprehensive programming with shows such as: Focus on Abilities, Volunteer Journal, Insights to Opportunity, Latina Voices, Mobility Now & Mobility Now en Espanol.


“We are also focused on finding new and innovative television programming to support our viewers’ needs,” said HTV Division Director Dwight Williams. “Looking forward to the future, HTV will be a full-fledged production facility providing a wide-range of production services.”


Viewers can find HTV programs on cable channels, Comcast, Ch16; Sudden Link, Ch14, AT&T U-verse, Ch99, Phonoscope, Ch2, and streaming capabilities 24 hours a day at





THE MUNICIPAL CHANNEL was commissioned in 1986 to broadcast live City Council meetings. The channel was re-branded from Municipal Channel to HTV Houston Television in 2007.


HTV revenue is derived from the Public, Education, and Government (PEG) state franchise agreement with cable providers. In addition to the franchise fees, HTV will foster public/private collaborations and be able to leverage this advantage into improved services for the citizens of the fourth-largest city in the country.