Mayor's Office

Press Release

Mayor Parker Issues statement About National Equal Pay Day




April 8, 2014 -- We are stronger when we band together for the greater good and support Equal Pay in Texas and the nation. In 2014, it is so hard to believe that there are women who are not paid the same wages and salaries with similar backgrounds and education as their male counterparts.  There is simply no excuse for the fact that women working full-time, on average, earn only 77-percent of what men in the same positions are paid.  For African American and Latina women, those numbers are even more dismal with 64 cents and 56 cents for every dollar, respectively.


I have made it a priority to ensure there are women serving in positions at the highest level of my administration with comparable salaries. My hope is that we will not have to wait much longer for the day when everyone is treated the same, regardless of gender or race—a dollar’s worth of work should mean a dollar earned.