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Mayor Parker Receives Who’s Who in
America’s Neighborhood Award




May 23, 2014 -- Mayor Annise Parker received the Who’s Who in America’s Neighborhood award Friday, May 23, 2014 at the Neighborhoods USA Annual Conference (NUSA). Eugene, Oregon is the host city for this year’s conference where an estimated 1,000 grass-roots community leaders from across the country share their experiences and expertise and learn from one another about how to make their communities better, stronger and healthier.

"Mayor Parker is a catalyst for community mobilization and neighborhood empowerment and exemplifies the mission of Neighborhoods USA," said Robert Gibbons, Chairman of the Awards Committee. 

The Who’s Who in America’s Neighborhoods Award was created to recognize those individuals whose work mirrors the mission of Neighborhoods, USA: to build and strengthen neighborhood associations; to encourage neighborhood involvement in the decision-making process in local governments; and to promote productive communications and collaborations between neighborhood associations, local governments and the public/private sectors.

Houston will be the host city for next year’s NUSA conference.  “Houston’s dedication to neighborhoods and the city’s status as a great convention location were the primary reasons it was selected for this conference,” said Mayor Parker.  “This is our opportunity to showcase the many neighborhood programs the City offers.  It will be the organization’s 40th anniversary conference and the fact that Houston will be part of this milestone is an honor.”

Mayor Parker got her start more than 30 years ago as a civic club member and leader. Since then, she has been elected as a City Council Member, City Controller and, currently, as Mayor of the nation’s fourth largest city, a position from which she has tirelessly listened to the community and provided the tools and training for individuals to be part of the solution-finding process.

A Houston native, Mayor Parker has always possessed a passion for making a difference in her hometown through active leadership. She is a forward-thinker and accomplished administrator and manager, committed to community development on all levels. Her commitment to improving the quality of life for Houstonians has led her to advocate for job creation, light rail transit, alternative energy, historic preservation, city parks, after-school programs, libraries, crime prevention, and pollution control.

Neighborhoods, USA is a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. Created in 1975 to share information and experiences toward building stronger communities, NUSA continues to encourage networking and information sharing to facilitate the development of partnerships between neighborhood organizations, government and the private sector.

The Planning and Development Department and the Department of Neighborhoods, will coordinate with local neighborhood advocates and NUSA on the 2015 Conference.  For more information or to find out how you can get involved, call Margaret Wallace at 713-837-7701. The Conference website is