Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner, Haley Carter Respond to Court Ruling on Handgun Prohibition

August 25, 2022 -- A federal court struck down Texas law prohibiting adults under 21 from carrying handguns. Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner:

  • “The State of Texas has not changed a single law since Uvalde. Now, just as young students are returning to school, high school seniors who are just turning 18 can openly carry a handgun? Making gun access - with no background checks or training - is making it harder to keep our city safe. Unlicensed carry was a mistake, and now 18-year-olds openly carrying handguns . . . our children deserve better.”

Please attribute the following statement to Haley Carter, Chair of the Mayor’s Commission Against Gun Violence:

  • “After Uvalde, anyone thinking that 18-year-olds need more access to guns is ignoring the danger that easy access to weapons is having on Texans. In the military, before you can carry a weapon, you are trained and drilled to be proficient, as I was in the Marines. Allowing 18 year-olds to carry handguns, openly, with no training, is dangerous public policy and an affront to common sense gun owners.”