Mayor's Office PRess Release

City Shines Bright in Blue and Yellow as Mayor Turner Asks Houstonians to Stand in Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Intercontinental Airport

March 1, 2022 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner is asking Houstonians to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the estimated five-thousand plus people of Ukrainian descent who call Houston their home.

In a symbolic show of support, many Houston businesses and the Montrose bridges will be illuminated in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukraine flag.

Discovery Green

Discovery Green photo by Floyd Willis

Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Turner.

“The City of Houston condemns the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and stands with the people of Ukraine against the ongoing violence. Our global system is built on the principle of the sovereignty of nation-states – a principle violated by Russia that has damaged our entire concept of international peace. In Houston, we stand for freedom, democracy, and the safety and security of all our residents. We join with cities and countries around the world calling for an immediate end to the violence, to protect human rights, and for the return of peace in Europe.”

“Symbolic of our solidarity with the Ukrainian people in Houston, in Ukraine, and around the world, those that can throughout our city will light their buildings blue and yellow.”

Ellington Airport