Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement on Bail Bond Board Decision

April 13, 2022 -- Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"This afternoon, I am pleased the Harris County Bail Bond Board approved a proposal to require bonding companies to collect a minimum of 10 percent of bail set by judges for suspects before they are released on bond. The City of Houston's representative on the board asked for this item to be placed back on the agenda after it failed to receive enough votes last month.

On February 2nd, I announced the One Safe Houston plan – a comprehensive initiative that holistically addresses crime prevention. Part of that plan called for bond reform, specifically to make the 10% down payment a requirement on bail bond premiums.

In March, I wrote a letter to the Harris County Bail Bond Board (.pdf) urging members to adopt this policy.

I'm very gratified to see the Harris County Bail Bond Board adopt this policy today. When judges set high bonds for violent offenses, bail bond companies should not waive or reduce premiums, thus jeopardizing public safety.

I'm grateful to the advocates, victim families especially, who pushed for this reform, including many elected officials.

Earlier today, the Houston city council considered a similar ordinance, and the vote was delayed until next week, pending the Board's vote. With today's vote by the Harris County Bail Bond Board, it will be unnecessary for the City to move forward."