Mayor's Office PRess Release

Mayor Sylvester Turner's Statement on HUD's Decision to Approve GLO Amended State Action Plan

March 19, 2022 -- Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"I am extremely disappointed with HUD’s decision to approve the GLO amended State Action Plan on so called technical grounds while it pursues other avenues.

"Only a few weeks ago, HUD found that the GLO discriminated against black and brown communities when it initially denied federal Hurricane Harvey funds to Houston and Harris County."

In its 13 page decision on a complaint filed by Texas Housers and Northeast Action Collective, HUD wrote, "The Department finds that the design and operation of the Competition discriminated on the basis of race and national origin. GLO utilized two scoring criteria that substantially and predictably disadvantaged minority residents,1 with particularly disparate outcomes for Black residents."

"Given that finding, today’s decision simply does not make sense. In the end, the City of Houston will receive zero dollars from the $4.3 billion CDBG-MIT funding despite the city and the county having incurred 50% percent of the damages from Hurricane Harvey and the City having experienced seven federally declared disasters since 2015. If any city desperately needed these dollars for flood mitigation and resilience, it is the City of Houston.

"A state’s plan that takes federal dollars intended for the city due to Harvey and diverts those dollars to other areas is now approved by HUD albeit on technical grounds. For those vulnerable communities, the net effect is the same: zero dollars will be coming to their communities for climate change mitigation and resilience. This is not equity in funding and is simply unacceptable.

"The decision to approve the GLO Amended State Action Plan sanctions the discrimination that HUD found GLO committed.”