Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement on Voter Registration Card Shortage in Texas

January 18, 2022 -- Mayor Sylvester today issued the following statement in response to reports that the Texas Secretary of State's office will distribute fewer voter registration forms to groups ahead of elections this year.

"Today, the Texas Secretary of State’s Office sent an alarming message to Texans who want to exercise their sacred right to vote.  The Houston League of Women Voters confirmed to my office the Texas Secretary of State said a ‘paper shortage’ would limit the number of voter registration cards available.

This is embarrassing, unacceptable and must immediately be addressed.

The LWVH has prepared around 3,500 voter registration cards and information packets monthly for naturalization events in previous years. This year, when making their request, they were told the Texas Secretary of State could offer 50.

That is disgraceful. Fifty voter registration applications for a month worth of events, directly before the March 1st primary, in the 4th largest city in America.

Texas has refused to join 41 other states in offering safe and secure online voter registration, which has been proven to be more accurate and much more cost-effective. Keep in mind, the voter registration cutoff date is 30 days before an election, meaning that the deadline for the all-important primary elections in Texas is February 1st.

The voter registration card shortage and the increasing number of rejected mail ballot applications are more examples of problems that have plagued elections officials across the state.

Before President Lyndon Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965, Texas continued to collect the poll tax. Without the pre-clearance protections of the VRA, Texas is again abusing the fair administration of elections and the ability of Texans to register to vote.

Members of the US Senate must ask themselves if running out of paper for voter registration cards is an excuse worthy of denying a vote on election reforms. This cannot be allowed to stand."