Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement In Support of Haley Carter

June 23, 2022 -- Please attribute the following statement to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"Haley Carter is an American hero. She has served in the Navy, was deployed overseas as a Marine to Afghanistan, is a retired professional goalkeeper for the Houston Dash, and is an accomplished professional with an MBA and a law degree. I chose her to serve as the Chair of my Commission Against Gun Violence. She is a role model, especially for young women.
Simply put, Haley is the best of us.

It is no wonder that her hometown of Friendswood chose to honor her in their Fourth of July parade. Haley embodies everything the uniquely American holiday represents. Freedom. Independence. Love of country. In other words, the perfect Fourth of July grand marshal.

Unfortunately, some have threatened violence against Haley and her family because of her strength, her belief in equality, and her leadership in trying to reduce gun violence here in Houston.

But they have failed. Haley will continue to move forward and make positive changes as she has always done."

Haley Carter and Mayor Turner