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June 1, 2005 -- On Wednesday, June 1, 2005, the Houston Police Department kicked-off its Downtown Mobility Initiative. This public safety campaign is designed to promote pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle safety through education and enforcement of the laws that govern the use of our roadways and sidewalks in the Downtown Business District.

Chief Harold Hurtt issued a Police Department circular this week stating the following:

"Over the last five years, the growing popularity of the Downtown area has contributed significantly to the increased pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorized traffic. Many people who now live, work, and visit the Downtown area have experienced pedestrians who step out in traffic mid-block or against the traffic signal to get across the street; bicyclists who ride on the sidewalks or against traffic; and motorists who are driving faster and running red lights. Public safety as a whole is served best when all aspects of mobility - pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists adhere to the laws governing their form of transportation."

The Downtown Mobility Initiative aims to increase public safety and awareness through education and enforcement. Officers assigned to the HPD Special Operations Division will ensure that the public complies with the laws governing the various modes of travel used downtown. While the primary focus of this public safety campaign will be on educating the public with information and verbal warnings, citation enforcement will occur when the violation is flagrant or when warnings do not appear to be effective.