Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Calls Inadequate Federal Flood Aid "A Formula for Failure"
Statement by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

November 17, 2017 -- "Today’s decision by the federal government to drastically underfund Houston’s flood recovery and flood prevention effort is a formula for future failure.

"Houston, the region’s economic engine, suffered more rain in a short period than any other U.S. city in history, yet is being funded by Washington at a level below areas hit by hurricanes Katrina (New Orleans), Sandy (Eastern Seaboard) and Maria (Puerto Rico).

"Our city, it seems, is being punished for its efficient Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts and its decision to work, not whine, for its fair share of public money that residents of the region have paid into the U.S. Treasury.

"One of several bitterly disappointing parts of today’s appropriations announcement is the absence of funds to help stop preventable flooding from the next epic storm, which will surely come.

"Another serious letdown is the decision to send federal grant money through state government before it gets to cities. This approach will cause inexcusable delays, and create bureaucratic barriers, for getting the funds to Houston.

"City government and local non-profits are doing what they can to address the damage and aid the many Houstonians still in need of assistance – seniors, children and everyone in between -- with housing, food, and other essentials. The role of the federal government is crucial, however-- and a mere trickle of money won’t be enough to help Houston heal from a deluge.

"Houston, we are on our own."