Mayor's Office Press Release

Lake Houston Debris Presents Boating Concerns

May 31, 2016 -- Due to the recent flooding along the San Jacinto River and its tributaries, the conditions on Lake Houston may be hazardous for boating.  As a result, it is recommended that boaters, jet skiers, water skiers and tubers use extreme caution should they decide to enter the lake.

With the higher water level comes an increase in floating hazards from logs and other debris that have been swept from the shoreline. Colliding with such debris could damage the propulsion or rudder, create a hole in the hull and flood or capsize a pleasure craft.  In addition, property owners along the lake are concerned that the wakes from boats will cause more erosion along their properties.

“With school getting out, I am concerned about the safety of our youngsters who may be getting out on the lake,” said Mayor Turner.  “The lake level is dropping, but until it returns to normal levels we want to make sure we are doing all we can to maintain public safety.”

The city is continuing to monitor the situation along the lake and should public safety conditions worsen may recommend there be no recreational boating.