Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor's Statement on Successful HOPE Negotiations

July 2, 2015 -- “We have reached a successful resolution with HOPE, our municipal employee union,” said Mayor Annise Parker. “Our goal of raising salaries for our lowest city employees will be achieved immediately and over the course of this agreement which runs through 2018. I intend to put the meet and confer agreement on the agenda for City Council to approve later this month.”
-- Mayor Annise Parker

Additional Notes:
The City offered a proposal to increase the hourly minimum wage to $12.00 effective immediately (July 2015) with additional pay increases in FY 16, 17, and 18.  By the conclusion of the agreement, incumbent employees would make no less than $13.55 per hour. If the FY 18 budget threshold is met, then an additional 1% across the board increase will be made available. The term is effective upon the approval of council and ends on June 30, 2018.
The City has agreed to several operational terms including the following:

  • No changes to ‘hours worked’ definition during term of the contract
  • Annual employee HLP revocation rather than revocations that occur once and last for the duration of the contract (a substantial departure from the past)
  • Continuation of CALP (community action leave pool), which was technically lost to HOPE per negotiated agreement
  • 74 days advance notice of privatization (from 45 day)
  • PAC authorization process changes giving HOPE control of authorizations
  • City and HOPE will work together to identify additional training courses that would enhance provision of services