Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner Selects New Special Assistant for Homeless Initiatives

August 15, 2016 -- Mayor Turner has announced the appointment of Marc Eichenbaum as the City's Special Assistant to the Mayor for Homeless Initiatives. Eichenbaum will lead the City's efforts to permanently reduce homelessness through its involvement in The Way Home, Houston’s nationally recognized homeless housing initiative. He will also work with city leaders to address issues growing out of the city’s transient population as well as the KUSH epidemic.

Since 2012, the City has worked with over 100 collaborative partners to house over 7,000 homeless individuals, including 4,735 homeless veterans. Overall homelessness in the City has been reduced by nearly 57% during this period.

“Merely maintaining our momentum of reducing homelessness is not enough,” said Mayor Turner. "It is not about managing homelessness, but solving it. Homelessness may be a complex, centuries-old issue, but I have no doubt that we will continue to achieve the long-term goal of effectively housing Houston’s homeless. Our efforts in all these activities will continue to focus on long term, data-driven solutions.”

Eichenbaum's efforts will be supported by the Corporation for Supportive Housing through a contract passed unanimously by City Council on 8/10/16. Eichenbaum's predecessor, Mandy Chapman Semple, will continue to have an important role in efforts through the Houston Coalition for the Homeless. The Downtown Management District is a partner with the City in this contract.