Mayor's Office Press Release

Following Another Victory for Transparency, Mayor Turner Applauds Court Decision

August 23, 2018 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner released the following statement today in response to the Texas 14th Court of Appeals decision ordering a trial court judge to vacate a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the city.

“I’m pleased with the Houston Court of Appeals decision today to let voters hear and see the July 26, 2018 City’s Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee meeting. The firefighter union’s suit sought to keep the meeting and the information shared there from the public view; information the Chronicle editorial board immediately made available as a public service in spite of the restraining order granted by the district court,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

The Mayor believes Houston citizens have a right to see and hear their elected leaders discuss the operations of this city and understand how their tax dollars are being spent.

"The pay parity proposal will force significant reductions in City services because of the estimated added payroll costs to finance a 25% pay raise for fire fighters. The City cannot pay more than it can afford. Taxpayers have a right to that information and we’ll continue to enlighten them through various communications platforms," Mayor Turner said.