Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor's Statement on Latest Developments Involving HISD Leadership

October 14, 2018 -- The following is a statement by Mayor Sylvester Turner in anticipation of the announcement that the Houston Independent School District board of trustees will reverse its hiring of former superintendent Abelardo Saavedra as interim superintendent:

"This is a good outcome for today. But our children need a board with trustees working together, harmoniously, for the good of the children now and in the future.

"The only question that should be asked and answered is what is in the best interests of the 215,000 students in the district. Also, the administration should be allowed to do its job.

“People have become impatient with a dysfunctional board. There is no tolerance for bad behavior, regardless of who the bad actors are, when it comes at the expense of what’s best for our children.”