Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement Following Today's (Proposition B) News Conference

December 10, 2018 -- “There are many things the Houston Professional Firefighters Association and I agree on, including its recent written statement that ‘the voter-approved (Nov. 6) passage of Proposition B requires the city to bring firefighters pay (by rank) in line with that of Houston police officers’. This measure will cost the city more than $100 million each fiscal year.

“However on Nov. 30, state District Judge Kristen Hawkins ruled in favor of the Houston Police Officers Association and issued a Temporary Restraining Order to the implementation of Prop. B. HPOU showed in court ‘a reasonable probability of success on its request for declaratory judgment that the amendment to the charter of the City of Houston passed as Proposition B . . .is unconstitutional, invalid and void,' she wrote. In essence it is preempted by state law.

“So either we must implement Prop B or Prop B is void because it is preempted by state law. The court will ultimately decide. Any salary negotiation, which the firefighters union is requesting, is nothing more than a distraction and an attempt to confuse the issue."