Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner Issues Statement on the Passing of Prominent Environmentalist Terry Hershey

January 20, 2017 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner is among those offering condolences on the passing of Terry Hershey, a well-known Houston environmentalist who was the force behind the movement to halt the planned straightening of Buffalo Bayou for flood control in the 1960s.

“Without Terry Hershey, Buffalo Bayou would not be the signature waterway that it is today,” said Mayor Turner.  “The bayou runs through the heart of our bustling city and provides a connection to Mother Nature and recreation for thousands of Houstonians every day.  Just imagine if the meandering bayou had been channelized and its lush green banks had been paved with concrete.  It is due to Terry Hershey’s drive and passion that this did not happen.  She has left a legacy that will serve Houstonians for generations to come, and for that, we are very thankful.”

Hershey also founded the Park People to advocate for parks and open space in Houston, and she served as a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.  She died yesterday at the age of 94.