Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor’s Statement on Federal Government Move to Make Pre-1995 Vietnamese Immigrants Eligible for Deportation

December 17, 2018 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner's statement on federal government move to make pre-1995 Vietnamese immigrants eligible for deportation from the United States:

"Decades ago, thousands of refugees from war-ravaged Vietnam came to the Gulf Coast of Texas to find new lives. They included anti-communists and the Montagnard, who had been persecuted for their Christian beliefs and ethnicity.

"What they found in the Houston area was economic opportunity and a familiar climate. They persevered, and in doing so they have deeply enriched the economic, cultural, religious and intellectual fabric of our city. Vietnamese refugee migration in the late 20th century was an important part of how Houston became the most diverse city in the nation.

"Potentially deporting thousands of these refugees strikes at the heart of Houston and the soul of America. To say to them now that they must return to a place where they suffered many years ago, and where they no longer have a home, is wrong."