Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Announces Plan to Purchase Land for New Sunnyside Multi-Service Center, Health Clinic and Community Park

March 20, 2018 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner announced earlier today that he will ask Houston City Council to approve the purchase of land for construction of a new state-of-the-art Sunnyside Multi-Service Center and Health Clinic about a quarter mile from the current facility.

In addition to the 6.5-acre tract for the new center, the City has acquired 1.47 adjacent acres for a new community park in an area that has been designated by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department as in “very high need” for it.

The mayor made the announcement at a news conference at the current Sunnyside Multi-Service Center. He was joined by District D Councilman Dwight Boykins, State Sen. Borris Miles, State Rep. Shawn Thierry and a host of other city officials and Sunnyside residents who support the plan.

“I’m pleased that we were able to find a solution that responded to community concerns. The new location will provide a community and health center that Sunnyside deserves and will be proud of,” the mayor said.

Mayor Turner heard the community’s desire to keep the facility and services in the same vicinity as the current location at Cullen and Wilmington. The new location will be on Reed Road with access from either Reed Road or Wilmington Street. Like the current site, the future Sunnyside Multi-Service Center and new park will be located in District D.

“Sunnyside’s burgeoning population and the ever-evolving needs of my constituents necessitate a dramatic expansion of the services provided to the community,” said District D Council Member Boykins. “The new MSC will play a critical role in advancing that effort.”

“I’m excited that we are also able to add a new community park to an area in great need of green space,” he added. “I appreciate the community’s patience as we’ve worked to find the best solution and location for Sunnyside.”

The proposed new Sunnyside Multi-Service Center will be 60,000 square feet which is similar to the total square footage of the existing 2 buildings. More parking will be made available at the new location which has been an issue at the current site.

The existing facility was built in 1975. It is deteriorating and outdated. Building a new site nearby will allow current operations to continue and then be transferred without interruption.

The new MSC is a $25 million project included in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan. City council is scheduled to vote Wednesday, March 21, 2018 on the proposed land acquisition.