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Amanda Solis

Texas City, Texas native, Amanda Solis, has definitely, stayed true to her Tejano roots. She just dropped a video covering the late Tejano Queen herself, Selena Quintanilla, paying tribute to her song titled, "¿Qué Creías?", initially doing the video to enter the Madame Tussaud’s “Capture Your Selena Moment” contest becoming a finalist as the fan favorite securing her VIP rooftop viewing and unveiling of a Selena wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood.

Amanda was interviewed and quoted by LA Times, where she described how honored she was to be in attendance and was asked why she loved Selena, “I mean look at her cuerpaso, her body, her charisma, she was so humble and beautiful, she basically paved the way for a Latina like me, to be proud of myself, with curves and everything.”

Madame Tussaud’s represent icons who have made a significant impact on our culture. “That perfectly describes Selena. Her influence has transcended generations and her passionate fans continue to be inspired by her to this day" is what is stated on the official wax museums website. 
Selena is the only Latin female artist to have five albums simultaneously on Billboard 200. This is definitely, a great aspiration, not only for a Latina like Solis, but any musician aspiring to make an impact with their career.

“When I first saw Selena perform on T.V. growing up, it shocked me, the resemblance to my mother, even the same style and fashion, it inspired me. For a Latina like me, it was just a huge influence on my life from then on.  It gave me hope that I can become something great with ambition like Selena. She achieved the American Dream by becoming an American icon that reached all races, backgrounds, and influenced with her charisma, style and was such a strong role model for us all,” says Solis.

Amanda Solis set out on a career path of her own with her traditional Ranchera voice and her own unique Tejana style. She wants to make her own contribution and bring new ears to Tejano music. Interestingly enough, her career almost began as an accident when a friend dared her out of his frustration to how many times people told Solis how much she resembled Selena. He pushed her to enter a Selena karaoke bar contest, and Amanda’s demand as a Selena tribute artist began that day. 
The Houston Chronicle, the largest daily newspaper in Houston, mentioned Solis after she received a lot of attention just dressed as herself attending the 2nd Annual Fiesta La Flor in Corpus Christi, TX. The newspaper was quoted as saying, “Selena impersonator wows fans at Fiesta de la Flor….She bears an uncanny resemblance to the Tejano icon… She sings live, has some of the same mannerisms and the same laugh as Selena.”  The two-day event drew more than 50,000 fans from all over the country, according to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. “Solis, who performs around Houston as a tribute act, wasn't even made up to look like Selena. But Solis looks so much like the late singer that it's impossible not to be taken aback.”

"People would just come up to me. They were in awe and said they had to get a picture," Solis says. "I really wasn't trying to draw attention to myself. This was not about me. It's about Selena.," says Solis.

Amanda Solis gets a lot of people stopping her on a daily basis. No matter if she is in character or wearing her work clothes, people always say, 'do you know who you look like?' It almost feels like even if she hadn’t accidently started her career as a Selena tribute act she would have somehow always would have been compared to the Tejano Queen. I mean she can’t take her face off right?  
“I want fans to know that I’m very clear on being who I am, Amanda Solis.  I’m so blessed to get an overwhelming support from Selena fans but you also get the occasional 'stop trying to be her' or 'Selena don’t sing like that' or 'Selena wasn’t so dramatic.' What’s funny is my personality is just coming out during the performances and I can be dramatic at times. Hey, I’m Latina, but this is my cover, my spin, that’s just Amanda Solis coming out,” she laughs.

Growing up in Texas City, Amanda was introduced to her love for Tejano by her parents and her family, whether it be a cookout or family gathering, the Tejano music was definitely the soundtrack of her upbringing. Unfortunately, Amanda lost her parents at a young age, so when she saw Selena for the first time, premiering on TV, her resemblance to her and her mother was so shocking and looked so much like her mother, down to her style, that it inspired her even more to becoming a singer.

“Not only is it a tribute to Selena, it’s a tribute to my mom,” said Amanda, during an interview with Houston’s, KHOU, channel 11, a CBS-affiliated television station.

I don’t want to be Selena, I will never be able to replace Selena, there will never be another Selena. I’m here because I love Tejano music and she inspired me to become an artist of my own, to have a music career of my own. So, I want to make my own contribution to Tejano Music and any other style of music I can get into.” She says.

Amanda Solis is booked through the end of the year almost every weekend from Quinceñeras, festivals in Arizona, to Orpheum Theatres in Nebraska, to many family engagements where people are eager to experience the Selena Q. experience that Amanda Solis brings in her own Live tribute. 
Solis is currently, working on a Selena tribute album that includes new takes on classic songs. She's also planning an EP of originals that blends cumbia, R&B, techno and hip-hop. Amanda Solis has now teamed up with indie label and brand experts, Street Science Ent., based out of Houston, TX.   Street Science Ent., which is a collaborative of Industry Influencers united to Develop Musicians Hitting the Mainstream.

For information on this release or Amanda Solis, please email  or call 832.606.7180.

Amanda Solis