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Municipal Art

Sam Houston Monument

To complement the artistic endeavors of the private sector, the City of Houston's ongoing vision to emphasize public art continues to expand the opportunities for citizens to enjoy art in public spaces. In 1999, the City of Houston established an ordinance mandating that 1.75% of qualified Capital Improvement Project monies be set aside for civic art.

The Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) has been officially formed through the merger of the Cultural Arts Council Houston/Harris County, the Municipal Art Commission, and the Civic Art Committee. The HAA now serves as a unified entity that will fund, advocate, preserve, and promote the arts in the Houston, and Harris county region.

The City of Houston is committed to the growth and development of the Houston arts community and local Houston artists. The Mayor's Cultural Affairs Office is responsible for managing Houston's civic art program, working with the arts community (including the museum and theater districts) and implementing the Mayor's historic preservation initiatives.


Art Ordinance Enhances Houston's Public Image

Seven Wonders

By Jonathon Glus
CEO, Houston Arts Alliance

Houston’s percent for art ordinance was established 10 years ago, on Dec. 21, 1999, and is recognized as one of the great civic steps toward transforming Houston into a vibrant metropolis, where public art is an intrinsic part of the urban fabric. By designating a small amount, 1.75 percent, to be set aside from certain city buildings’ construction budgets to commission and maintain public art, Houston has within the past decade added compelling and beautiful pieces of public art to its collection ... More ...