Mayor's Youth Council

2018-2019 City of Houston Mayor’s Youth Council Application



Home Address:

ZIP Code:

Cell Phone Number:

Alternate Phone Number:

Email Address:

Parent / Guardian Name and Phone Number:

Name of School:


Will you have transportation to and from meetings and events?


Why do you want to serve on the Mayor's Youth Council?

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In which City of Houston District do you live (you can view the Who Is My CM page)?

What would you like to accomplish as a member? What skills or knowledge would you like to gain?

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What are three issues important to you or other young people?
Please list (1), (2), (3).

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how the MYC could address any of these issues?

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List any organizations, clubs, teams, or extra-curricular activities that you are a member of and any leadership roles you serve on them.

Please Rank the position you would prefer serving as, 1 being the least preferred and 4 being the most preferred (MYC Advisors will determine initial position placements):

District Council Member (District Council Members must live in the Council District they represent)
At-Large Council Member (May live in any Council District)
Senior Aide (May live in any Council District)
No Preference