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Mayor Parker Leads City Workers in 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance
City Employees Commit to Serve as CPR Trainers to Help Save Lives



September 11, 2012 -- Mayor Parker welcomed City employees gathered at the City’s 7125 Ardmore St. facility to train as CPR trainers in observance of Patriot Day and September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. The mayor reflected on the tragedy of 9/11, recalling how that day eleven years ago started off as very ordinary.


“And tragedy struck….and we are horrified by what happened and it marks our memories. We know where we were on 9/11,” said the mayor. “But we ought to stop and think about the fact that thousands of people start off on an ordinary day but don’t make it home because they have a heart attack that either cannot be addressed or no one was around them that knows how to address the situation.”


The mayor shared a story of personal loss, the memory of her father who died of a heart attack with no one with him to render CPR. “CPR is a way to bind ourselves in service today,” said the mayor. “We’re here to take a gift. That gift is to be able to help our fellow human beings. I hope that you take lessons from today and spread them far and wide.”


Mayor Parker was among 142 City employees who received American Heart Association (AHA) Hands-Only CPR & CPR Anytime training. The trainees, in turn, committed to providing basic CPR training to five to seven others over the next three weeks, including City colleagues, family members and friends.


The training was conducted by trainers from the Department of Neighborhoods, Houston Fire Department, Houston Department of Health and Human Services and other departments in partnership with the American Heart Association. The trainees were employees from the Department of Neighborhoods and trainer representatives from other City departments.


AHA Hands-Only CPR and CPR Anytime modules are designed to bring cardiopulmonary resuscitation training into homes, workplaces and communities. The goal is for the trainees to become trainers and educate five friends or family members on basic CPR. The training takes just 22 minutes. The all-in-one training kits contain everything needed to learn basic CPR. Once the training is completed, the kits are available for trainees to take home to train others. Effective bystander CPR administered immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival.


The mission of the American Heart Association is to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. For more information about Hands-Only CPR and CPR Anytime, visit:


The City's 9/11 Day public service project is part of Everyone Can Be a Lifesaver, an initiative of administered by the Mayor’s Volunteer Initiatives Program. To learn more about the Department of Neighborhoods and the Mayor’s Volunteer Initiatives Program, visit: