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Wills Clinics

Do you need a will? Register for a Wills Clinic!

Spring 2021 Dates TBA soon!

The Department of Neighborhoods,Houston Volunteer Lawyers, and Lone Star Legal Aid are partnering once again to sponsor Wills Clinics this spring.

The clinics are staffed by volunteer lawyers who prepare wills and other estate planning documents for low-income clients and their families free of charge.

Estate planning documents include simple wills, medical power of attorney, HIPAA releases, declaration of a guardian, living wills and durable power of attorney.

The Wills Clinics dates will be announced soon.

Registration & Screening Interview
Interested persons will need to complete a screening interview by phone in advance. The purpose of the screening is to give clients the opportunity to talk to volunteer attorneys about their wishes, ask questions, and get instructions as to records and information they will need for the preparation of their wills and other legal documents.

Attendance of Two Wills Clinic Sessions Required
Approved clients will be asked to attend two Wills Clinic sessions, each scheduled about a month apart.

At the first session, volunteer attorneys consult with clients regarding their wishes, review records furnished by clients, and ascertain whether additional records or information is needed for the preparation of the legal documents.

At the second session, volunteer attorneys will prepare and execute clients’ wills and other estate documents.

For more information, call Mayra Hypolite at 832-394-0701 or email

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