Workshop Presentations

Available here are some of the workshop presentations in PDF format.

  1. A New Story about Seniors (3-H)
  2. Building Dementia Capable Communities (1-K)
  3. Creating a Mediation Program in Your Community (5-L)
  4. Creating Healthy Eating Habits in Low Income Areas (4-C)
  5. Engage with your Community Leaders and Law Enforcement Partners (4-D)
  6. Enhancing Engagement Through Technology (1-N)
  7. Fair Housing and Equal Employment Opportunity Rules (1-A)
  8. Finding Space for the Previously Incarcerated (3-B)
  9. Friends, Funds and Facebook (4-N)
  10. From Apathy to Action: Love Where You Live (3-K)
  11. Grant and Proposal Writing Made Simple (5-A)
  12. Hope Farms: Urban Farming in Houston's Food Desserts (1-E)
  13. How Story Telling Can Unite a Community (5-N)
  14. How To Organize in Disconnected Communities (3-L)
  15. Increasing Participation in the Block Grant Process (4-A)
  16. It Takes A Village Helping Seniors Age in Place (4-H)
    JFS Disability Resource Guide
  17. People Planet Propserity (2-E)
  18. Redefining Affordable Housing (5-E)
  19. Strangers Into Neighbors: Engaging the Masses for the Long Haul (4-L)
  20. Using City Resources to Combat Neighborhood Nuisances (5-C)