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Art In Parks is a multi-platform guide to outdoor art in the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) system. Available as a publication, by cell phone, or on the web, Art In Parks offers information on 91 pieces of municipal art located in 24 parks across the city.

The Art In Parks collection has been divided into three tour guides to compliment the visitor's municipal art experience within Houston parks. The guides include: Art In Parks: Sam Houston/Buffalo Bayou Parks, Art in Parks: Hermann Park, and Art In Parks: Greater Houston Area. All three brochures are available at HPARD Community Centers and the City of Houston Visitor's Center and are available for download on this site. Download your Art In Parks brochure today:

Please note that renovation projects in Hermann Park have caused some of the artwork to be removed for storage and conservation. All artworks will be returned to locations in the park upon completion of construction in late 2014.


On the Street:

  • Using your cell phone, visit, then select the "Art In Parks" map to begin your tour of municipal art
  • Scan the QR code at to take the Art In Parks map with you as you visit Houston Parks and Recreation Department parks
  • Pick up a free Art in Parks map from the City of Houston Visitors Center located in City Hall, a HPARD Community Center or a Houston Public Library and begin your tour

At Home:

  • Visit and enjoy Art In Parks from your home computer.


Art In Parks is funded by a grant from the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.


In 1999, the City of Houston established an ordinance mandating that 1.75% of qualified Capital Improvement Project monies be set aside for civic art. The Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) was formed through the merger of the Cultural Arts Council Houston/Harris County, the Municipal Art Commission, & the Civic Art Committee. HAA serves as a unified entity to fund, advocate, preserve, & promote the arts in the Houston & Harris County region.

Art In Parks is made possible through a generous grant from the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.

Amateis, Louis
 Amateis, Louis
 Amman, Sharon Connally
 Armstrong, Ann
 Bailey, Tim
 Borglum, John Gutzon
 Boswell, Cathy
 Buigues, Pedro
 Cannady, William T.
 Cerracchio, Enrico Filiberto
 Coe, Herring
 Coe, Herring
 Collmann, Amadeus Qualacio
 Del Rey Bronze Inc.
 Ed Dwight
 Edwards, Lonnie
 Evans, Billie
 Flato, Malou
 Fowler, Robert
 Fowler, Robert
 Ginnever, Charles
 Glatt, Linnea; Thompson, Fr.
Guthrie, Trace
 Hollis & Turner
 Incrapera, Joe L.
 Jimenez, Luis
 Journeay, Helen
 Kaposta, Eric
 Lopez, Tony
 Love, Jim
 Lynch, Kenneth & Sons
 Mackey, Fletcher
 Martinez, Julian
 McVey, William M.
 Miramontes, Miguel
 Moore, Henry
 Moroles, Jesus Bautista
 Mott Iron Works, J.L.
 Murrill, Gwynn
 Plensa, Jaume
 Red Hogan Enterprises
 Rubin, Pilar Cortella De
 Ryan, Jeff
Salmones, Victor
 Salmones, Victor
 Savage, Naomi
 Schiltzberger, Tommy
 Stewart, Hannah
 Surls, James
 Surls, James
 Sutar, Ram
 Talacca C.
 Tapley, Charles
 Teich, Frank A.
 Teich, Frank A.
 Toritch, Lena
 Toro, Rosalinda
 Turner & Hollis
 Vagra, Ferenc
 Walton, Conrad G.
 Wang, Willy
 Whitney, Mac
 Wilkenson, Andrea
 Woitena, Ben
 Wood, John Warrington

Art In Parks is Funded by a grant from the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance