Houston Parks and Recreation Department

No Mow Areas


"No-Mow" Zones areas help promote the natural regeneration of the urban forest. By allowing these areas to remain undisturbed we allow a greater variety of native vegetation to re-establish itself, including both overstory plants (the uppermost layer of foliage that forms a forest canopy) and understory plants (the underlying layer of vegetation, especially the plants that grow beneath a forest's canopy). At the same time this method of regeneration helps conserve moisture in the soil which is a big plus to growing plants during our hot Houston Summers.

There are several "No-Mow" Zones in the City of Houston. These areas have been planned and intentionally placed. Grass and other plants will grow tall the first year but be assured these areas have not been forgotten by our grounds keepers. Soon, trees will sprout, grow and expand our urban forest.

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