Welcome to Memorial Park
Cadence Bank Houston Open


The Houston Parks and Recreation welcomes the Cadence Bank Houston Open to Memorial Park November 7-13, 2022. Practice rounds will take place Nov 7 – Nov 9 with the tournament running from November 10-13, 2022. The event is managed by the Astros Golf Foundation in partnership with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

Visit the Houston Open website and the parks departments Memorial Park Golf Course website for more information.


  • Memorial Park, the Seymour Lieberman Trail and the Clay Family Eastern Glades will remain open to the public during the tournament hours, however, certain areas of the park adjacent to the golf course may be closed or subject to detours to enhance public safety.
  • All parking lots and street parking on the north side of the Park, including the Clay Family Eastern Glades parking lot, will be closed to the public.
  • The Cullen Running Trails Center Parking lot will be closed to the public.
  • East and West Memorial Loop Drive and parking will open to the public from 8:00 pm – 4:00 am daily. For available parking for park users, visit www.Memorialparkconservancy.org.
  • During tournament hours parking will be available in the Picnic Loop lot south of Memorial Dr.
  • The Memorial Park Tennis Center and the Memorial Park Fitness Center will be closed from November 7 – November 9, 2022.

Additional Parks and Trails Available to Park Users
The Houston Parks and Recreation Department operates 382 parks throughout the city with trails and other amenities available for park users. Buffalo Bayou Park, is just down the street from Memorial Park off of Memorial Drive.

For park visitors wanting to explore other City of Houston hike and bike trails, we invite you to visit the Houston Parks and Recreation Department Trails page to find a list of over 160 miles of trails that loop within parks or un along streets and bayous. If you are looking for Houston Bikeways please visit https://houstonbikeplan.org/.

How can visitors access the Park?
The Park will remain open to all pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Access by car will be limited. The Westcott entrance at Memorial Loop Drive, the Arnot St entrance at Crestwood Drive, and East Memorial Loop Drive at Memorial Drive and West Memorial Loop Drive will be accessible to event attendees only. Checkpoints will be set up at these intersections to confirm ticketed event attendees and manage traffic flow.

See Park map below for a visual overview of Park access.

I’m a Park user not attending the Houston Open. Where can I park?
Parking will be significantly limited during the week of the Houston Open event. All north side parking will be strictly limited to event attendees. All parking surrounding the golf course in the northeast quadrant of the Park will be closed. This includes parking in Eastern Glades, spaces and lots along East Memorial Loop, the Tennis Center, and the Sports Complex.

Park users not attending the Houston Open can access free parking in Picnic Loop. This will be the only lot accessible to the public during event days. The Cullen Running Trails Center will be closed to vehicular traffic.

West Memorial Loop Drive will be open from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m daily for Park users. Any cars left after 4:00 a.m. may be subject to towing by event management.

Will the Seymour Lieberman Trail be open during the Event?
While the Seymour Lieberman Trail will not be officially closed, we encourage trail users to visit other parks during this time, or visit other areas in Memorial Park. Within the Park, Picnic Loop will be open for use, as will the Bayou Wilds trail system, comprising over 20 miles of trails.

Running enthusiasts may also want to visit the trails at Hermann Park, Rice University, and Buffalo Bayou Park, just to name a few of the great trails found throughout the Houston area. The Houston Parks Department also maintains over 160 miles in trails in the city. Information on them can be found here.

Will the Clay Family Eastern Glades be open during the Event?
The Clay Family Eastern Glades will be open to the public during the event via pedestrian access. However, pavilions and picnic areas are not available for reservation during this event. As noted above, the Eastern Glades parking lot will be closed.

How will this event impact the local neighborhoods?
Access to the neighborhoods adjacent to the Park will be controlled as to only allow residents and residents’ visitors to enter the neighborhood.

I want to attend or have questions about the Event.
Please contact the Astros Golf Foundation for details about the event or to purchase tickets.