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Burnett Bayland Park


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6000 Chimney Rock
Houston, TX77081

832. 394.8805
832. 395.7000
311 or 713.837.0311

Park History

In August 1996, an interlocal agreement was signed between Harris County and the City of Houston regarding the operation of Burnett Bayland Park. A county property since 1971, it was turned over to the City for a 30-year period, during which HPARD will operate and maintain it. It is named for Ms. Mary Burnett-Bayland, founder of the Burnett-Bayland Home for Dependent Children. The park is part of a 67-acre gift to the orphanage made by Mr. Joseph Meyer on August 24, 1912. The rest of the county property is occupied by Harris County Precinct 3 Courthouse Annex, which shares a parking lot with the park.

On May 13, 2000, a new water playground was opened to the public at Burnett Bayland Park. Other recreational facilities at the park are a play ground, a 0.96-mile long walking trail, a community garden, picnic tables, soccer and baseball fields, a basketball pavilion, and a community center.